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Aquaculture is an industry of growing importance in Scotland providing valuable jobs and income for the economy. The Scottish aquaculture industry is regulated with a view to promoting food safety, compliance with legislation and sustainability.

This website has been developed in partnership by the following organisations to provide access to a range of information about aquaculture in Scotland:

The Crown Estate The Food Standards Agency SEPA Marine Scotland

Information can be found by looking at the map or by searching the data. We hope that you find this a useful source of information. If you have a question or feedback about this website you can contact us.

  • Scotland's Aquaculture

    Scotland's Aquaculture
    Aquaculture is a growing industry that provides valuable jobs and income for the Scottish economy.

  • Finfish Farming

    Fish Farming in the Sea
    Our marine fish farms are mainly on the West and North mainland coasts and in the Western, Orkney and Shetland islands.

  • Freshwater Fish Farming

    Freshwater Fish Farming
    When they have reached a certain size, young salmon are transferred to cage sites in freshwater lochs.

  • Shellfish Farming

    Shellfish Farming
    The irregular coastline of Scotland offers many ideal sites for shellfish production such as long line mussel farms.