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Species POD Number
Date Sample CollectedLocal Authority Shellfish RegionClassified Harvesting AreaSIN NumberSite NameNGRActions
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28/11/2019 Fife CouncilForth Estuary: Largo BayFF-072-188Forth Estuary: Largo Bay - IndicatorNO45890039More
27/11/2019 Fife CouncilFirth of Forth: NorthFF-068-1405Anstruther IndicatorNO60600650 More
27/11/2019 Highland Council: SutherlandLoch InchardHS-162-311Loch Inchard - Site 1 - D. RossNC23995430More
27/11/2019 Highland Council: SutherlandLoch LaxfordHS-167-320Weavers BayNC21344858More
27/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilClift Sound: Stream SoundSI-037-415Stream SoundHU39323475More
27/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilSouth of Houss HolmSI-261-444South of Houss HolmHU37343083More
26/11/2019 Argyll and Bute CouncilCampbeltown LochAB-029-008Kildalloig Bay IndicatorNR74911957More
26/11/2019 Argyll and Bute CouncilWest Loch Tarbert: Loup BayAB-299-084Loup BayNR76805850More
26/11/2019 Highland Council: LochaberLoch AilortHL-114-937Eilean DubhNM74778180More
26/11/2019 Highland Council: LochaberLoch SunartHL-206-1237LiddesdaleNM78306012More
26/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilBasta Voe CoveSI-324-399Inner - Site 1 - ThomasonHU51679757More
26/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilDales Voe: Scarvar AyreSI-050-420Scarvar AyreHU42236992More
26/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilGruting Voe: Braewick VoeSI-080-424Braewick VoeHU25784767More
26/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilMid Yell Voe EastSI-797-2083Bunya SandHU52459094More
26/11/2019 Shetland Islands CouncilVaila Sound: East of Linga and GaltaskerrySI-288-455East of LingaHU24214798More
  Data supplied by The Food Standards Agency in Scotland on 03/12/2019