Biotoxin Monitoring Sample

Biotoxin Monitoring Sample Details
Sample IdBTX/2022/42
SIN NumberHL-170-222
Source of Sample (Area Type)Classified Area
SpeciesCommon mussels
Sample Collection Date and Time 11/01/2022 - 12:00 
Sample Grid ReferenceNN07165905
Origin of Sample (POD Number) 
Sample Date Received 12/01/2022
Temperature (celcius) of sample on arrival6.4
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Test Results
Date Test Result (micrograms per kilogram) Trigger Level Above Trigger Alert?
12/01/2022 ASP-HLPC <LOQ
12/01/2022 DSP by MBA
12/01/2022 OA/DTXs/PTXs <RL
12/01/2022 AZAs <RL
12/01/2022 YTXs <RL
12/01/2022 PSP Screen HPLC ND
12/01/2022 PSP HPLC Quant
12/01/2022 PSP by MBA
  Data supplied by The Food Standards Agency in Scotland on 24/05/2022
Location Details
Classified Harvesting AreaLoch Leven: Lower
Classified Area DescriptionArea bounded by lines drawn between NN 0640 5931, NN 0659 5884, NN 0742 5943 and NN 0727 5840
Biotoxin POD Number 
Local Authority Shellfish RegionHighland Council: Lochaber
SIN NumberHL-170-222
Site NameLower
National Grid Reference 
  Data supplied by The Food Standards Agency in Scotland