Biotoxin Monitoring Sample

Biotoxin Monitoring Sample Details
Sample IdBTX/2022/72
SIN NumberHL-796-2082-13
Source of Sample (Area Type)Classified Area
SpeciesPacific oysters
Sample Collection Date and Time 12/01/2022 - 12:00 
Sample Grid ReferenceNM48738480
Origin of Sample (POD Number) 
Sample Date Received 14/01/2022
Temperature (celcius) of sample on arrival4.7
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Test Results
Date Test Result (micrograms per kilogram) Trigger Level Above Trigger Alert?
14/01/2022 ASP-HLPC <LOQ
14/01/2022 DSP by MBA
14/01/2022 OA/DTXs/PTXs <RL
14/01/2022 AZAs <RL
14/01/2022 YTXs <RL
14/01/2022 PSP Screen HPLC ND
14/01/2022 PSP HPLC Quant
14/01/2022 PSP by MBA
  Data supplied by The Food Standards Agency in Scotland on 24/05/2022
Location Details
Classified Harvesting AreaKildonan Oysters
Classified Area DescriptionArea within lines drawn between NM 48752 84861, NM 48821 84832, NM 48718 84593 and NM 48650 84622
Biotoxin POD Number 
Local Authority Shellfish RegionHighland Council: Lochaber
SIN NumberHL-796-2082-13
Site NameKildonan Bay
National Grid Reference 
  Data supplied by The Food Standards Agency in Scotland