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Water Type Species
Survey DateSurvey TypeMonitoring MethodSEPA ClassificationLicence Site IDLicence Site NameLocal AuthorityLicence HolderActions
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09/10/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedEUG1Eughlam NorthEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
09/10/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedVACR1Vacasay, RoagEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
05/10/2018 Self MonitoringVisual - PhotoSatisfactoryLYR1Lyrawa BayOrkney IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
11/09/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicSatisfactoryVUM1Vuia MorEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
30/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedRCHO1Ru ChorachanHighlandGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
27/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedSETN1Setterness NorthShetland IslandsGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
21/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedFFMC32Inverawe (Etive 1&2)Argyll and ButeDawnfresh Farming LtdMore
14/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicSatisfactoryTOR1TorgawnHighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
13/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedREI2ReintraidHighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
08/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedBALT1Balta IslandShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
07/08/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedBNES1BastanessShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
30/07/2018 Self MonitoringVisual - PhotoSatisfactoryPEG1Pegal BayOrkney IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
26/07/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedOUSN1Ouse NessOrkney IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
25/07/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedGRE1GreshornishHighlandMarine Harvest (Scotland) LtdMore
24/07/2018 Self MonitoringBenthicSatisfactoryVIB1Vuia BeagEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
  Data supplied by SEPA on 05/12/2018