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Water Type Species
Survey DateSurvey TypeMonitoring MethodSEPA ClassificationLicence Site IDLicence Site NameLocal AuthorityLicence HolderActions
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27/05/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedDRO1DroighnicheHighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
28/04/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedCALD1Calbha Site 5 (Calbha Beag)HighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
08/04/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedIOEWE2Isle of EweHighlandMowi Scotland LtdMore
20/03/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicSatisfactoryCAV1Cava SouthOrkney IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
13/03/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicUnsatisfactoryCHA1Chalmers HopeOrkney IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
03/03/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedBADE1Badcall Site 10 (North Eilean na Bearachd)HighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
03/03/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedBAD12Badcall Site 11 (Eilean Riabhach)HighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
13/02/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedNCH1Ness of CopisterShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
13/02/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedTOYN1Toy NessOrkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
11/02/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedWOB1Wick of Belmont NorthShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
28/01/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedFFMC71Bloody BayArgyll and ButeScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
28/01/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedODH1Gravir OuterEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
22/01/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedDMB1Druimyeon BayArgyll and ButeThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
10/01/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedSOA1Stead of AithnessShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
09/01/2020 Self MonitoringBenthicTo be evaluatedNSAN1North SandwickShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
  Data supplied by SEPA on 31/08/2020