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NB this list does not include details of escapes from deregistered fish sites

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Water Type Local Authority
Escape IdEscape Start DateEscaped SpeciesFinal Number of Fish EscapedSite IdSite NameOperatorActions
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2000527 04/12/2020 Atlantic Salmon FS1256PlocrapolThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000526 11/11/2020 Atlantic Salmon FS0594AirdThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000522 23/10/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS1290Shuna SW (Rubh'an Trilleachain)Kames Fish Farming LtdMore
2000524 22/10/2020 Atlantic Salmon FS0146Kinlochmoidart HatcheryThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000521 11/10/2020 Atlantic SalmonZeroFS1233EughlamThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000520 30/09/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS1093Teisti GeoScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
2000525 22/09/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS0890Jubilee Loch ShinMigdale Smolts LtdMore
2000519 20/08/2020 Atlantic Salmon48834FS1176Eilean GrianainMowi Scotland LtdMore
2000523 12/08/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS0602SconserMowi Scotland LtdMore
2000518 20/07/2020 Rainbow Trout1601FS0180Loch EarnDawnfresh Farming LtdMore
2000517 12/07/2020 Rainbow TroutUnnownFS1067Inverawe (East) Etive 2Dawnfresh Farming LtdMore
2000515 31/03/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS1309Loch Snizort EastGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
2000514 24/03/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS1091VacasayThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000513 14/03/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS0752TaranaishThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000510 28/02/2020 Atlantic Salmon0FS0752TaranaishThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
  Data supplied by Marine Scotland on 22/12/2020