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Water Type Local Authority
Escape IdEscape Start DateEscaped SpeciesNumber of Fish EscapedSite IdSite NameOperatorActions
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2000455 01/07/2017 Atlantic Salmon7FS0605Creag an T'Sagairt (Loch Hourn)Marine Harvest (Scotland) LtdMore
2000454 19/06/2017 Atlantic Salmon0FS0629Poll Na GilleMarine Harvest (Scotland) LtdMore
2000452 25/03/2017 Atlantic Salmon17398FS0964Bloody BayScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
2000453 25/03/2017 Wrasse493FS0964Bloody BayScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
2000451 02/03/2017 Lumpsucker283FS0629Poll Na GilleMarine Harvest (Scotland) LtdMore
2000449 15/12/2016 Atlantic Salmon617FS1027Linga (Setterness)Grieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
2000448 26/11/2016 Atlantic Salmon0FS1277ReibinishThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000450 12/11/2016 Atlantic Salmon50FS1122Grey Horse ChannelMarine Harvest (Scotland) LtdMore
2000445 11/09/2016 Atlantic Salmon0FS1261HellisayMarine Harvest (Scotland) LtdMore
2000443 01/06/2016 Atlantic Salmon0FS0292Bight of ForanessGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
2000442 23/05/2016 Rainbow Trout100-200FS0537Invicta TroutInvicta Trout LtdMore
2000441 21/05/2016 Atlantic Salmon300000FS1293ScadabayThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
2000440 18/05/2016 Atlantic Salmon829FS1076Setterness North (Bomlo)Grieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
2000439 01/01/2016 Atlantic Salmon~<10000FS0814Swarta SkerryCooke Aquaculture Scotland LtdMore
2000436 14/10/2015 Atlantic Salmon1FS0839GeasgillThe Scottish Salmon CompanyMore
  Data supplied by Marine Scotland on 21/07/2017