Fish Farms Monthly Biomass and Treatment Reports

Fish Farm Monthly Biomass and Treatments Details
Year 2020
Month September
Submitted ByThe Scottish Salmon Company Ltd
Licence NumberCAR/L/1010817/V6
Licence active at time of reportCAR/L/1010817
Report for Site FFMC47
Max licensed biomass on site (tonnes)2381
Actual biomass on site (tonnes)2155
Biomass Exceedance (tonnes)0
Feed (kg)239402
Mortalities (kg)105252.50
Sealice Treatments Used
Sealice Treatment Product Quantity Used (grams)
Azamethiphos 0
Cypermethrin 0
Deltamethrin 0
Emamectin Benzoate 0
Teflubenzuron 0
  Data supplied by SEPA on 04/12/2020
Location Details
Receiving WaterLoch Fyne
National Grid ReferenceNR90938099
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  Data supplied by SEPA on 04/12/2020