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Water Type Licensed Species Status
Licence NumberIssued DateLicence Site IdLicence Site NameReceiving WaterLocal AuthorityLicence HolderMaximum Biomass (tonnes)Actions
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CAR/L/1157209 16/01/2018 SCQN1Sconser QuarryCaol MorHighlandMarine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd2500More
CAR/L/1156482 15/01/2018 SCLP1ScalpayInner SoundHighlandMarine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd2500More
CAR/L/1152492 12/01/2018 ACAM2An Camas (East)Loch Boisdale Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd1471More
CAR/L/1151722 06/11/2017 SKLW1Skelwick SkerryThe North SoundOrkney IslandsCooke Aquaculture Scotland2500More
CAR/L/1148485/V1 07/03/2017 POR3Portree OuterSound of RaasayHighlandThe Scottish Salmon Company Ltd2192More
CAR/L/1009162/C1/V2 22/08/2016 INV1Invasion BayLoch SunartHighlandMarine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd1680More
CAR/L/1009972/C1/V1 19/07/2016 GCD1GlencripesdaleLoch SunartHighlandMarine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd1500More
CAR/L/1143253/V1 04/07/2016 WSB1WesterbisterScapa FlowOrkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms Ltd1791.2More
CAR/L/1140563/V1 22/04/2016 EUGS1Eughlam SouthLoch RoagEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company Ltd1613.1More
CAR/L/1015855/C1/V1 22/03/2016 TOYN1Toy NessScapa FlowOrkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms Ltd1342.9More
CAR/L/1003956/C2 08/03/2016 EDA1Eday Sound (Noust Geo)Eday SoundOrkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms Ltd1908.54More
CAR/L/1132960/V2 27/10/2015 RCHO1Ru ChorachanLoch SnizortHighlandGrieg Seafood Shetland Ltd2124.6More
CAR/L/1136531/V1 16/09/2015 UYIS1Uyea IsleUyea SoundShetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture Scotland2070.2More
CAR/L/1132115/V2 24/07/2015 GAIR1Wyre (Gairsay)Gairsay SoundOrkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms Ltd1909.7More
CAR/L/1124848/V2 13/07/2015 MRGY1Maragay MorLoch UiskevaghEilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company Ltd2150.8More
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