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Treatment Name
Sample DateSite IDSite NameLicence NGRLocal AuthorityLicence HolderActions
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31/07/2020 WHA2North VoeHU53936321Shetland IslandsGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
05/03/2020 EPO1Eport Outer (Sgeir n Lolla)NF90806360Eilean SiarThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
05/03/2020 PUL1Puldrite BayHY42541805Orkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
25/02/2020 MINE1Tanera 1NB99290776HighlandScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
25/02/2020 TAN2Tanera 2NB99400748HighlandScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
19/02/2020 AAC3Allt a Chois (Kishorn North Shore)NG78973780HighlandScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
19/02/2020 KIO1Kishorn Outer, Offshore of Airigh-drishaigNG76703619HighlandScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
16/02/2020 NCH1Ness of CopisterHU50317936Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
11/02/2020 WOB1Wick of Belmont NorthHP56320004Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
07/02/2020 FFMC04NPort na Moine Site 2 (North)NM80530147Argyll and ButeMowi Scotland LtdMore
06/02/2020 VEA1Veantrow BayHY50152139Orkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
21/01/2020 TOYN1Toy NessHY35440370Orkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
10/01/2020 SOA1Stead of AithnessHU32185996Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
09/01/2020 CLP1Caolas Loch PortainNF94816938Eilean SiarLoch Duart LtdMore
09/01/2020 POR2Loch Portree (Torvaig)NG50604412HighlandThe Scottish Salmon Company LtdMore
  Data supplied by SEPA on 04/12/2020