Sealice In-Feed Treatment Residues

Sealice In-Feed Treatment Residues Details
Site NameToy Ness
Submitted ByScottish Sea Farms Ltd
Licence active at time of reportCAR/L/1015855
Treatment NameSlice
Active IngredientEmamectin Benzoate
End of Treatment Date 12/08/2019
Sample Date 21/01/2020
Days between End of Treatment and Sample Date 
  Residues Results
Micrograms per Kilogram
Environmental Quality Standard
Micrograms per Kilogram
Replicate 1 2 3 Emamectin Benzoate Teflubenzuron
Cages 1.6 2.9 2.9 7.63 10000
25m 7.63 10000
100m 0.1 ND ND 0.763 2
150m 0.763 2
  Data supplied by SEPA on 04/12/2020
Location Details
Receiving WaterScapa Flow
National Grid ReferenceHY35440370
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  Data supplied by SEPA on 04/12/2020