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Treatment Name
Sample DateSite IDSite NameLicence NGRLocal AuthorityLicence HolderActions
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18/12/2023 CLP1Caolas Loch PortainNF 9483 6933Eilean SiarLoch Duart LtdMore
05/12/2023 REI2ReintraidNC 1911 3406HighlandLoch Duart LtdMore
20/11/2023 MAN2South Sound, Mangaster VoeHU 3226 6988Shetland IslandsScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
16/11/2023 POR2Loch Portree (Torvaig)NG 5060 4412HighlandBakkafrost Scotland LtdMore
16/11/2023 POR3Portree OuterNG 5108 4457HighlandBakkafrost Scotland LtdMore
15/11/2023 WSTR1West StromeNG 8727 3595HighlandBakkafrost Scotland LtdMore
07/11/2023 VAT1Wick of VatsetterHU 53489 90298Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
02/11/2023 HAS1Bow of HascosayHU 5448 9234Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
02/11/2023 WOB1Wick of Belmont NorthHP 5633 0006Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
25/10/2023 FLAE1FlaeshinsHU 60747 94327Shetland IslandsCooke Aquaculture ScotlandMore
24/10/2023 TOYN1Toy NessHY 3544 0370Orkney IslandsScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
18/10/2023 COLED1Cole DeepHU 3580 6317Shetland IslandsGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
18/10/2023 NEPL1East of Papa LittleHU 3422 6248Shetland IslandsGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
18/10/2023 OLNA1Olnafirth South (Site 1)HU 37421 64244Shetland IslandsGrieg Seafood Shetland LtdMore
07/09/2023 MINE1Tanera 1NB 9929 0776HighlandScottish Sea Farms LtdMore
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