Interactive Map Help


To zoom directly to your desired location, type the place of interest, postcode, grid reference, town or feature (such as Loch Leven) into the search box at the top of the page and press Search. If multiple options are returned, select the correct location from the drop down menu which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the box. Press New Search to search again.


  • Move (pan) around the map using the direction arrows within the white circle on the top left of the map, or just click on the map whilst dragging with the mouse.
  • Zoom in or out using the slider on the left of the map. Pressing the shift key whilst drawing a box around the area of interest will also zoom in. Pressing the shift and ctrl key simultaneously whilst drawing a box around the area of interest will zoom out. Rolling the mouse wheel forwards to zoom in and backwards to zoom out. Double click on the map to zoom in. Press + to zoom in or – to zoom out.
  • Zoom to the full extent of Scotland by clicking the globe in the centre of the white circle on the top left of the map.
  • The shaded box within the overview map in the bottom right corner of the window shows the position of the current view of the main map. Moving this shaded box in the overview window will also move the position of the main map. The overview map can be hidden by pressing the arrow in the bottom right corner of the map and restored by pressing the arrow.


The legend is displayed in its own window and can be moved by clicking on the green title box whilst dragging with the mouse. It can be hidden using the up arrow, and restored using the down arrow.


Click in the centre of any point or shape on the map to obtain basic information about the feature. Some results may display a direct link to the relevant web page for further details.

Adding and removing layers

Add in layers by clicking the + sign on the left of the relevant chapter heading and ticking the required boxes. Untick to remove a layer.

Full size map

To view the map over the whole screen, press the double arrow at the top left corner of the map. Press the double arrow again to see the list of chapters and layers.

Datasets not displaying

Some of the layers have thousands of features that are difficult to view at small scales, such as the Scotland-wide extent. The layer will display when zoomed in to a suitable scale, usually at thresholds such as 1:500000, 1:250000 or 1:100000. When a layer cannot be viewed until a higher scale a message box explaining this will be displayed on the screen.